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Mystery Clue #7

Mystery Tour!

We are down to the final clue....we hope you enjoyed following along!

Clue #7  

"Enjoy nibbling on a tropical fruit while lounging at an oceanfront resort and reading books about black children. You could be in Albuquerque (NM) or Hollywood  (CA)".


This was quite an obscure clue, but Roland says it is difficult writing clues for foreign destinations because the place names are difficult to get double meanings for. Only one person, Wilf Akerlund, got this one right: Tamarindo Beach on the Pacific Coast. 
A tropical fruit is the tamarind. Oceanfront resort is Barcelo Langosta Beach near Tamarindo, an all-inclusive resort where we stayed Nov 2 and 3.

Two other variations of the word "tamarind" are: Tamarind Books was founded in 1987 as a small publisher specializing in picture books featuring black and Asian children. Tamarind Institute is part of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and was founded in Hollywood in 1960.