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45th Anniversary Cruise a success!

“This cruise took me to new heights.”, says traveller Alma Webber.

Icy Strait Point on Chichagof Island definitely had many Wells Gray Tours travellers flying high and was a highlight of our exciting Alaskan Anniversary Cruise. Hosting the world’s longest zipline at 1.6km, descending 400 meters at speeds exceeding 60 mph was the high point for those who chose to participate. Wells Gray Tours Director of Sales and Marketing Kerrie Niemeier said, “ It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky when we arrived in Icy Strait Point and the zipline adventure began with a winding drive to the top of a mountain where the views of the coastline took your breath away.  After strapping into a chair-like harness and putting on goggles, the count-down begins, the doors open and you are literally flying through the air! What a thrill!  Like many of my fellow adventurers we wanted to do it again.”  Seasoned Wells Gray tours traveller Alma Webber, 81 says, “you are never too old to try something new, and I loved every minute. This was definitely a highlight of my life, I felt on top world.! I can hardly wait for my next Wells Gray Tours adventure.”

This unique Alaskan port is privately owned by Alaskan Natives and only allows one cruise ship in port a day preserving the ambiance of the destination. In addition to the zipline there are excursions such as whale watching, kayaking and guided nature walks available for those who choose not to venture to new heights.

Other ports visited, each with its own distinctive character on our cruise were:

Ketchikan: Known for its Native American totem poles, and the nearby Misty Fjords National Monument.

Juneau: Alaska’s capital city and the only capital in the USA that is not accessible by road. A cable car ride to the top of Mount Roberts provides a terrific view, but it was Red Dog Saloon that had our passengers talking.

Skagway: Located at the jump off point for the Yukon gold rush, this well preserved town with its wooden boardwalks is a must see Alaskan port. It is also the home of the White Pass & Yukon Railway that makes a dramatic climb from Skagway following the Klondike trail through the rugged St. Elias Mountains to the Yukon. This is an exceptional excursion for anyone travelling to Skagway.

Cruising was a great way to celebrate with our travellers and we are so pleased that 655 guests joined us on this fun filled tour. Varied types of accommodations and not having to change hotels as well as great food, flexible dining and exciting and fun entertainment creates an enjoyable cruising environment. Many of our staff are not seasoned tour directors but all loved the chance to venture out on the road and get to know so many of our wonderful guests.

Thank you for making Wells Gray Tours your travel company!

Written: By Joan Niemeier