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Balls, Birdies and Bogies with Brian Husband on Wells Gray Tour’s Kootenays Golf Tour

It doesn’t matter whether you are a casual golfer who likes to play for an occasional escape or a serious golfer who golfs every day of the season, there are a number of reasons the game has great appeal and continues to capture players from all generations around the world.  Here are some of the reasons that I am taking up the game.

  • Exercise: Whether you choose to walk or use a cart there are physical benefits to playing golf. The average length of a golf course is about 6,000 yards or about 5.6 Kilometers. For those willing to walk the course, the potential for a good workout increases substantially. Cart drivers also reap benefits from intermittent walks between tees and maintaining muscle flexibility and tone by repeatedly swinging a club. Carts also make the game more accessible for the elderly, the frail and younger children.
  • Nature & the Outdoors: On a beautiful day, being out on a golf course provides for some sunshine, fresh air and a good dose of vitamin D. From vistas of green and pine trees to mountains and lakes, the surrounding tranquility is a great way to spend part of any day.
  • Longevity & Health Benefits: Physically, golf is not excessively demanding however it does exercise both the body and mind. Exercise and concentration both contribute to our well being and longevity. The concentration and focus it takes to make each shot help keeps the brain active. Golf also has therapeutic and stress relieving benefits contributing to your overall good health.
  • Character Building: Playing any sport builds character, and golf is no different. When the game proves to be frustrating or others seem to be having a good day, use the time to learn and change the focus to having fun and enjoying the comraderies of your fellow players. Remember everyone has a bad day on the course.
  • Family Fun/Business/Retired: A round of golf can be a great addition to a family reunion, substitute for a business meeting, or a way to keep you socially engaged once you retire.
  • Competition: Golf allows for players of every age to compete regardless of their level of ability. Tournaments are a fun way to keep your competitive edge alive and engaged.
  • Friendship/Social Engagement: The golf course is the perfect venue for creating new friendships. If you are newly retired or new to a community, you can’t help but meet new friends on the golf course. Remember, you already have the game in common so even if you show up to the course your first few times alone, you are bound to be paired up with someone new and spend the next three of four hours getting to know them.

“I cannot think of anything nicer than being on a golf tour,” says tour Director Brian Husband. For me, golf is all about spending time outdoors surrounded by nature and good friends. It’s great when you hit that perfect shot or make that long drive, but the true pleasure is really all about being in that moment and enjoying the fresh mountain air, lush green fairways and beautiful blue skies. Especially in the “Koots”! Pure enjoyment and no worries. All the little details taken care of by the professional Wells Gray Team.  I just can’t think of a better way to wrap up a great golf season.

Happy trails, and no matter where “it ” takes you and remember to stop and enjoy the ride along the way!

Written by: Joan Niemeier