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Beautiful: The Carole King Musical & Man Of La Mancha In Seattle

I am so excited about this tour! Two great musicals that may not seem not to have anything in common but take me back in time to my California days. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing; it can be spine tingling as you return to a place or a moment in time when life was good. As a baby boomer, the music of these two Broadway musicals allows me that journey back in time. While the musical genre is different, the feelings and memories of listening to the songs are the same.

Beautiful, the Broadway musical is the story of singer, song writer Carole King. Ms. King’s music has been written and preformed by many artists and these were the songs that we used to sing in the lockers rooms and dorms growing up. And you knew those tunes would top the charts. Today, I still sing along when I hear her songs on the radio. “Up on the Roof”, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” and “Just Once In My Life” always make me smile. While Ms. King’s music is key to the play, the audience gets an honest glimpse at her life in the world of music. Today at age 74, Ms. King is still actively working and involved in the music industry.

“To Dream the Impossible Dream”, is probably the most recognizable song from the musical Man of La Mancha. This 1964 musical was inspired by Cervantes’ 17th century masterpiece, Don Quixote. This musical which has been revived four time on Broadway continues to entrain audiences around the world. Other songs that you are sure to recognize are “Dulcinea” and “What Does He want of Me”.

A stop at the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes would surely be a highlight for me. The Holmes character was created by author Conan Doyle. Holmes was way ahead of his time as a scientific expert with his astute observation of forensic clues to solve mysteries. I loved reading the books as a kid but always found the movies with the addition of the musical score, wind, fog and dark dank alleys just too scary to watch even from behind the couch.

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Written by: Joan Niemeier