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Panama Canal – April 2019

Panama is a country in Central America which connects two continents and has a length of over 600 km, but a width of just 50 km between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at its narrowest. Panama has a population of 3.3 million people, mostly concentrated near the Panama Canal. Panama City, the capital and largest in the country, was founded in 1519 by the Spanish and has grown into a modern and bustling city. The Panama Canal opened in 1914, after nine years of construction. It still ranks as one of the world’s greatest engineering achievements with 134 million cubic metres of earth moved and a cost of $336 million. Currently about 15,000 ships per year (42 per day) pass through the canal and pay tolls of about $450 million. On this tour you will journey 8 hours through the canal with 3 locks lifting you to Gatun Lake then another 3 more locks lowering you back to sea level. All the while a Panama Canal expert is explaining the history and technical operations of the canal.

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