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Do you enjoy travel & live performances? Why not experience the two on your next tour!

I love theatre and travel, so combining the two is a no brainer for me. Wells Gray Tours makes connecting the two easy. Yes, I have an opportunity at home to see good performances, but for me, leaving behind the cooking and cleaning to travelling with others and share a theater production enriches the whole experience!

I often find myself without a lot of time to travel due to job or family commitments but want to have a quick escape from my day to day routine. Theatre tours are often only three to five days, located in major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle and Spokane and offer time to visit local attractions and do some shopping.

Wells Gray Tours looks for plays, musicals and concerts, and designs itineraries that provide you with the magic of a live production with a relaxed and fun getaway. Live performances allow us to escape and get caught up in the action and share the moment with the actors and performers on stage. Live shows also provide us with a personal rapport with the performers as they relate moments of joy, laughter, or sadness through words, song and dance.

There are some major differences between the productions and concerts we go to see. Concerts are primarily focused on one artist, their music and individual style, where theatre is more about story telling. Did you know that the word theatre comes from the Greeks and means “seeing place” and the theatre is the venue where you go to hear the truth about life and social situations?

Whether you choose to make your next performance a theatre production or a concert, there two things they both need to make the magic happen; the performers and the audience.

We have an extraordinary line up of theatre productions coming up for you to choose from. These tours are short in length, affordable and provide an opportunity to get away with friends, or celebrate a birthday or anniversary with that someone special in your life.

Aladdin & Ragtime in Seattle

Branson –  from the BC Interior

Branson –  from Victoria

Andre Rieu in Tacoma

Viva Las Vegas – from the BC Interior

Viva Las Vegas – from Victoria

Cirque du Soleil & Jersey Boys in Vancouver

Theatre Escape to Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Pacific Northwest Getaway from Victoria

Witten by : Joan Niemeier