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Don’t Celebrate Alone During The Holiday, Join The Wells Gray Tours Fesitives

Many of us may at one time or another have found ourselves alone for the Christmas Holidays. This may be due to circumstances in our lives that have changed as well as the lives and obligations of family members and friends.

If you are like me, it has been a tradition to be with family during the holidays, but like many of you, my son now lives halfway around the world and my daughter’s husband’s family is miles away, so it is not always possible for us to celebrate together. Whatever the reason is that you suddenly find yourself on your own for the holidays, celebrating Christmas on a Wells Gray Tour may be just the perfect present to give yourself.

Every Christmas season, Wells Gray Tours plans Christmas tours that embrace the holiday spirit, seasonal gourmet treats, meals and entertainment. We have many travellers that return year after year on these celebration tours creating a new tradition for themselves. There is a welcoming feeling of family and friendship whether it is your first Christmas tour or your 10th.

Here are a few reason why giving yourself the gift of a Christmas tour makes so much sense:

  1. Freedom to enjoy the entire holiday season. When you are going away, there is no shopping for the big turkey dinner, no cooking a big meal for a large gathering and no clean up. Wells Gray Tours includes a festive Christmas dinner on all our holiday tours.
  2. Travel at Christmas time can be hectic. With Wells Gray Tours, there is no driving for you, you can sit back and arrive rested and relaxed for all the festive activities.
  3. Whether you are travelling single, with your spouse, partner or a friend, you will quickly find you are in the company of wonderful new acquaintances.
  4. When the traditions of yesterday are no longer possible, it is time to start new ones. Getting away from the familiar, meeting new people and seeing new things will give you a different perspective and fresh ideas for future holiday celebrations.

Wells Gray Tours has four tours going out from the Interior and one tour going from Victoria. I encourage you to read through the different itineraries and select the tour that appeals to you.  Don’t wait to book, our Christmas tours sell out every year and you do not want to left behind!

Itineries from BC Interior

Leavenworth Christmas Lighting
November 30, 2016 — 4 Days
Christmas on Vancouver Island
December 20, 2016 — 7 Days
Christmas at Harrison & Vancouver
December 21, 2016 — 6 Days
Christmas in Victoria
December 22, 2016 — 6 Days

New Year’s in Vancouver
December 31, 2016 — 3 Days

Itineries from Victoria

Leavenworth Christmas Lighting
November 29, 2016 — 4 Days

Christmas in Seattle
December 23, 2016 — 5 Days

Written by: Joan Niemeier