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Fraud Alert: How to Safely Use the ArriveCAN Tool Without Being Scammed

Since the Canadian border has re-opened for travellers there have been multiple incidents of travellers being scammed by fraudulent webpages and apps posing as the official ArriveCAN tool. These scams ask for your personal information and require a fee. So not only are you scammed out of the $65 or however much they charge you, but your personal and credit card information could also be compromised.

Keep your personal and financial information secure by following our tips below.

What is ArriveCAN?

If you are travelling to or returning to Canada by air, land, or sea you are required to provide essential information using the official Government of Canada ArriveCAN digital tool. It is available as a mobile app or by signing in online. You’ll need to submit your information within 72 hours before your arrival to Canada. There is no fee required for using ArriveCAN.

Use ArriveCAN to submit:
Your contact information and travel details
Your COVID-19 vaccination information
Your pre-entry COVID-19 test results
Your quarantine plan
Your COVID-19 symptom self-assessment

Once you submit your information through ArriveCAN, a receipt will be displayed and emailed to you. This receipt shows that you’ve successfully provided your information, but it doesn’t validate your eligibility to enter Canada, vaccination status, exemptions from public health requirements, or essential travel status. Your information will be reviewed by a border services officer who will make these determinations.

The ArriveCAN mobile app saves your contact information (name, date of birth and travel document information) for future travel.

This short video shows how the ArriveCAN tool works:

How to use ArriveCAN:

You can download the official app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is called “ArriveCAN” and the app icon looks like the one pictured here. To download and install the app, you’ll need an Apple device running iOS 12 or above or an Android device running OS 6 or above.

You can access the online tool by signing in at

You can access the site on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The website doesn’t work on the Internet Explorer browser. However, it works on recent versions of all other web browsers.

What happens if you don’t submit your arrival information using ArriveCAN?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents will not be denied entry into Canada but you might not be eligible for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption, you may face additional delays at the border for public health questioning, or you may be subject to fines or enforcement action.

Is ArriveCAN secure?

The official ArriveCAN app and online tool are safe to use. They do not use GPS or other technology on your mobile phone to track your location. They use only the information provided by you and all personal information provided through ArriveCAN is protected according to the Privacy Act.

How to avoid being scammed by a fraudulent ArriveCAN app/website:

1. If the ArriveCAN app or webpage prompts you for payment, it is fraudulent. ArriveCAN is always completely free, so this should be the number one red flag that you are using the wrong tool.

2. When downloading the app, make sure the name and icon look exactly as shown above.

3. If using the online tool, always access it from the official Canadian government website.

We hope this helps you better understand how ArriveCAN works so you can travel safely and keep your information secure. If you have a travel scam you think our travellers should know about, let us know!