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GALS travelling together = Great fun!

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is the combination of experiences and new friendships that make the trip memorable.”

Wells Gray Tours


Joining a women’s tour will offer you a whole new sense of freedom and exploration.

They say it is difficult to create a travel mindset when you have never travelled or your life-long travel partner is no longer able to travel with you. It can also be hard to embrace the idea of travel adventures when you have become comfortable at home surrounded by the same activities and people that make up your daily routine.
I would however encourage you to throw off those thoughts and excuses as to why you can’t/won’t/don’t travel and begin to explore travel options that will break your routine and offer you a sense of adventure and well-being.

Women are making travel decisions
Did you know that 70% of all travel decisions are made by women? So the excuse that you have never travelled and are not sure about making a travel decision just means you need to ask your gal pals about how they are travelling.

Women like travelling with women
It may also surprise you that women travellers are among the fastest growing client segment in the group packaged travel industry. Women who do not have travel partners are choosing group travel to connect with likeminded women and travel in a safe, convenient and flexible environment at a good value.
Wells Gray Tours has created the GALS Travel Network to encourage single women to travel, connect with other women and build friendships for future travel.
We know that travelling alone costs more and sometimes leaves women often feeling unsafe and venerable. After all did we not all grow up hearing our mothers say there is “safety in numbers” and “always stay together”?
Our next GALS Travel Network trip is all about fun, camaraderie, relaxation and meeting your new travel friends while enjoying Sunriver Resort Oregon. We have included time to get physical by offering a Yoga or Zumba class or you may wish the option of venturing into the underground lava caves. lava_tubes_2
There is also time to tap into your creative side by choosing a glass fusing or ceramic painting class. A and what could be better than finishing off the day with one of my personal favorites, Paint & Pinot or a Manicures & Martinis class. Samplings of spa services, star gazing, chocolate and shopping are all part of this GALS Travel Network tour experience.
Relaxation Room Foot Bath
So throw away those can’t/won’t/don’t travel excuses and get out there in 2015.
Written by Joan Niemeier

Tour itinerary from the Interior of BC.