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Giving The Gift of Travel – The Perfect Holiday Shopping Solution!

Tis the season of Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, family get-togethers and eggnog, my favourite holiday season of the year!

This year, I am giving gifts that requires no crowded parking lots and long checkout lines. I am going to stay comfy and warm at home to do my shopping.  I’ve decided that giving a gift that creates memories and allows an escape from one’s daily routine is definitely the way to go. I am going to make one call to my favourite travel company, Wells Gray Tours and buy travel gift certificates for family and friends.

Here are just a few of the reasons I think giving the gift of travel takes the stress out of Christmas shopping.

  1. Take a break from life’s daily routine: Who do you know that would not benefit from a break from their job or daily routine? We all need to get away, but often do not take the time or stop and think about where we want to go. By giving a travel gift to family or a friend, you provide them a reason to think about escaping.
  2. A travel gift certificate provides choices: The receiver can choose a short getaway or use the gift certificate towards that special trip they have always dreamed about taking.
  3. Travel, the gift that keeps on giving: A gift certificate brings immediate joy when it is received, but that is only beginning. Anticipation and planning a trip releases endorphins that are good for your health. Once the journey begins, travel provides new experiences, new food choices and an opportunity to meet new and interesting people.
  4. Travel is a great de-stressor: It takes you out of the day to day routine and forces you to leave your worries behind and live in the moment. Did you know that stressed is just desserts spelled backwards? So here is some healthy advice; take the stress out of life, eat the dessert and travel.
  5. Travel makes us happy: Studies have shown that happiness is more closely tied to experiences than to possessions. Gifting experiences in travel rather than things is much better for the health and welfare of family and friends.

Wishing you all a life filled with travel.

Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year!

Written by: Joan Niemeier