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Happy New Year 2017, Celebrate Canada, eh!

It is New Year’s resolution time again. Whether you have made your New Year’s resolutions or are procrastinating, here is my suggestion for making your 2017 memorable. Canada is celebrating its 150 birthday in 2017! Why not make it your goal to see or do something in Canada that you have not done before?


Wells Gray Tours loves Canada and has tours close to home or right across the country. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country that offers everything from natural wonders and wildlife viewing to specular and vibrant cityscapes.

There are so many interesting places, historical venues and geographical sights in our great country that I have read about and yet often overlook when planning my travel. One of those places was Haida Gwaii. I was intrigued for a long time by the beautiful coast line, the totem poles and the stories of the Haida people, but it seemed like vacationing so close to home was for a long time on the back burner. In 2012, I spent a glorious week sailing among the islands travelling with Wells Gray Tours. The history and beauty of these islands will always be a cherished memory for me and my fellow travellers that took this incredible journey.

This year, I will take the tour to see the bald eagles in Squamish, BC. If you are like me, so many times when travelling within the beautiful province of BC, I am going from point A to point B and do not have time to stop and explore some of the natural sights. Watching eagles soar has always fascinated me and I am very excited to see them in their natural environment as Squamish is where almost half of the world’s bald eagle population spends the winter months.

I challenge you to make 2017 a year to explore Canada. If you travel close to home or venture, clear across the country enjoy meeting fellow Canadians celebrating 150 years of all that is Canada.


Written by: Joan Niemeier