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Luggage Straps

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Luggage straps

Make your next trip to the luggage carousel easier by adding a luggage strap.

Suitcases and other precious items, unfortunately, sometimes get lost, suffer from a case of mistaken identity at the baggage carousel, or get damaged.

Have you ever heard the song, United Breaks Guitars by Canadian musician Dave Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell? It chronicles a real-life experience of how his Taylor guitar was damaged on a flight and his frustration dealing with the airline.

I can’t sing or play the guitar so for me anything I can do to make my luggage more secure and identifiable is a must.

When I am standing at check in and look around at not only the number of people flying but that more than half the passengers have slate or black luggage I am thankful for my luggage strap. 

Identify your luggage easily

Many passengers choose to identify their luggage by adding colourful ribbons, name tags or neon duct tape. I prefer to use a luggage strapbecause even though its main purpose is to keep your luggage closed and secure, it has several other benefits.

·         Helps to make sure someone else doesn’t grab your suitcase by mistake.

·         Can be used to keep suitcases and a hand carry together while you are moving to and from hotels and airports.

·         Helps identify your luggage on the conveyor belt.

·         Can be used to describe and assist in identifying your luggage in case it gets lost or stolen.

·         When a suitcase is damaged or a zipper broken it will help keep your suitcase together and your items inside.

On your next flight or cruise, give your bag a colourful makeover by adding a Wells Gray Tours luggage strap.

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Written by: Joan Niemeier