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I love Musicals! I am always eager to go to any theatre production that has singing and dancing, from toe stomping music of ABBA in Mamma Mia to the helicopter landing on stage in Miss Saigon.

Theatre has been around since ancient times and of course opera is known for its beautiful music and stories. For me, however, it is the 20th century musicals, with their combination of spoken words, acting, songs and dance to communicate stories of tragedy, love, and humor that captivate me.

Amazingly, it was the movie musical Oklahoma that first pulled on my heart strings with songs like, “I Can’t Say No”, “The Surry with the Fringe on Top” and “People Will Say We’re in Love” that started my love of musicals. I was then and still am today a Rogers and Hammerstein groupie.

My preference is to go to live theatre performances whenever I can. There is just something magical about live theatre. The curtain bell rings, the lights go down, the curtain rises, and you hear the music, the voices and characters all come alive. For example, the “Lion King” performance has the animated art moving throughout the audience which is really unimaginable until you are right in the middle of it. It is this kind of interaction that makes it so real and exciting.

Wells Gray Tours makes it easy and relaxing for everyone to get to great destinations for musical theatre.

Cinderella & Carousel

In February we see both Cinderella & Carousel on one tour when we are in Seattle.

The timeless musical fairy tale, Cinderella will cast a magic spell over the audience as she takes you back to your childhood with music, dance and the glass slipper we all loved.


Carousel is a heartwarming love story that goes beyond the initial stages of romance when bad boy Billy Bigelow meets girl, Julie Jordan. Everyday struggles and Billy’s rebellious ways challenge their love.

The music and songs your will touch heart.


In March we travel to Spokane for Camelot. In the kingdom of Camelot we learn, “The crown has made it clear. The climate must be perfect all the year.” from the song “Camelot” In love however, things are not as clear as the weather when King Arthur discovers his beautiful Queen Guinevere is in love with one of his Knights of the Round Table.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom comes to the stage in Seattle’s historic theatre Paramount Theatre which originally opened in 1928 in May. This amazing 1986 musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber is Broadway’s longest running production and continues to capture the audience in every performance. “All I Ask of You” and “Music of the Night” are two of my favorites.

Written by Joan Niemeier

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