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Mystery Solved, the Destination a Hit!

Mystery Solved, the Destination a Hit!

The Mystery Tours offered every year by Wells Gray Tours have a loyal following by those who are adventurous and like the idea of waking up every morning and not knowing where they are going.  We realize that not everyone is up for a mystery trip so when a Mystery Tour is highly rated we offer it as a regular tour. Our 2013 spring Mystery Tour to Oregon’s Willamette Valley was one of those loved destinations, so we are offering it again. 

Prior to the planning of the tour I was one who did not know about the Oregon’s Willamette Valley even though living in the Okanagan it might be considered in my back yard by some.

Oregon’s Willamette Valley extends southward from Portland between the coastal mountains and the Cascade Range to about 25 miles south of Eugene. This beautiful agricultural area of Oregon was promoted in the 1820s as the ‘promised land of flowing milk and honey’ and in many ways is similar to Canada’s beloved Okanagan for its reputation as a wine growing and golf region.

Your tour takes you across the border into central Washington. The Maryhill Museum was built in 1914, high above the Columbia River, as the home for entrepreneur Samuel Hill and has become home to American and European art, Rodin sculptures and Indian artifacts. 

Located nearby is Hill’s World War I Memorial which is a full-size, astronomically-aligned replica of England’s’ Stonehenge. Commissioned in the early 20th century by Hill, dedicated on July 4, 1918 and completed in 1929 it stands as a memorial to who died in World War I. I have driven though this area countless times and was unaware of this museum or memorial. Oh, the things you find out taking a tour!

Other tour highlights will be a night’s stay at the Skamania Lodge perched on a hillside overlooking the Columbia River.  Entering Oregon and the fabulous Willamette Valley you will discover an area known for its wine and cuisine which will not disappoint even the most sophisticated palate. Local restaurants and chefs pride themselves in presenting fresh and local vegetables, cheeses and wines.

After a lunch cruise on the Willamette River, you arrive for a three night stay at the beautiful Oregon Garden Resort.  Daytime adventures will include a walk in the Silver Falls State Park, a visit to Mount Angel Monastery, and time for shopping at the Woodburn Factory Outlet stores in Oregon where there is no tax.

During your stay at this beautiful resort everyone will receive a 30-minute soothing massage at the Moonstone Spa.

On the journey home, you stop at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of Howard Hughes’ famous plane, the Spruce Goose.

Lunch will be at Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham with time to shop before heading back into Canada.

Written by: Joan Niemeier

Oregon’s Willamette Valley
May 3, 2014 — 7 Days