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Mystery Tour – Clue #2


Another clue has been solved on our Spring Mystery Tour!

Clue #2:

Treasure Island’s creator was nearly drowned in 1937 and moved away from the swift waters.


Treasure Island was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The tour drove through the village of Stevenson in the Columbia Gorge of Southern Washington.

The original town was down beside the Columbia River. When the Bonneville Dam was built in 1937 it flooded the town and it had to move above the high water mark.

The name Skamania derives from the Cascades Chinook word, sk’mániak,  meaning “swift waters” and referring to the .

The tour is staying at Skamania Lodge, a fabulous resort on a hillside overlooking the Columbia River. 


Skamania Lodge


Clue # 2 Winners: Vivian McLaughlin and Walt Duncan who each received a $20 Travel Voucher.