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Mystery Tour Clue #4


Clue #4  

"This amphibious creature was nearly extinct 50 years ago and now has a national park named for it." 


Is the sea turtle and Tortuguero National Park. 

Winner is Gwen Zacharias. 

We spent the morning exploring Tortuguero National Park in 15-passenger boats. We travelled along numerous channels going deeper into the jungle. Our guides stopped the boats frequently to look at wildlife and birdlife such as herons, egrets, a monkey and a cayman (small crocodile). We were back at Mawamba Lodge by 11 am, then our guide led a walking tour of the gardens and butterfly conservatory. The afternoon was free time to enjoy the pool or sit on our decks overlooking the river. 
At 5 pm, we met our guide Owen who took us to the Caribbean beach, a few minutes from the lodge. One of the last sea turtle nests of the season was about to hatch and we watched the process in fascination. The little turtles broke out of their eggs and immediately scampered off to the ocean a few hundred feet away. Vultures circled overhead waiting to grab one but our group helped escort the turtles safely into the ocean. Even with this help, Owen said only 1 in 1000 turtles survives to return to this beach and lay eggs. This experience was certainly one of the highlights of the tour so far.