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Mystery Tour – Clue #4


Clue #4

Gordon made the right choice for his designer, but the building has travelled 21 miles since 1963.


Conrad and Evelyn Gordon commissioned the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright (note the pun “right choice”) to build their home and it was completed in 1963 beside the Willamette River near Wilsonville. After her death, the new owners did not want a Wright house and planned to demolish it. It was saved by a historical society, taken apart and moved 21 miles to the Oregon Garden, then re-assembled. It is the only Wright house in Oregon.

Clue #4 winners are Jean McCune and Lenore Parr and they each won a $20 Travel Voucher for Wells Gray Tours.

In the morning, the group drove to Silver Falls State Park where some travellers even walked behind South Falls.  In the afternoon, the group was toured through the Gordon House and everyone was treated to a massage at the Moonstone Spa in the Oregon Garden Resort. Dinner was at the Seven Brides Brewing House in Silverton, and it included beer and wine tastings.

Mystery Clue 4 South Falls