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New Year’s Resolutions


Stuck for a resolution this year?

Travel – is the New Year’s resolution that will nourish the mind, body and soul providing a year of happiness.

Research regarding “Quality of Life” shows that the highest spike in happiness and pleasurable endorphin’s released came during the planning stages of a trip and often lasted until the trips departure. So plan a couple of trips a year, plan them well in advance and enjoy a year of happiness.

Travel is good for our brain, it forces us to experience the unfamiliar, see new perspectives, meet new people and expand our senses.

We get more exercise when travelling. We are not confined to a desk for long periods each day. TV may not be as readily available and we tend to do more walking which provides not only an increase in our daily exercise but also gets us out in the sunshine and increases our levels of Vitamin D.

Eating while travelling becomes an adventure. Our fast food society has created a situation where we are too often over-fed and under nourished.Travelling encourages eating new and different fruits and vegetables grown locally. There is nothing better than a pineapple or mango fresh from the farm.

Travel provides a source of education and an up-close and personal experiences that can change our preconceived ideas about a people and cultural. You gain firsthand knowledge of economy, politics, history, geography and sociology.

Travel allows you to live in the moment and leave the familiar and the monotony of daily routines behind. The unfamiliar surroundings will captivate all your senses with new sounds, sights, taste and touch.

Don’t travel alone. A group engages us socially, builds new friendships and allows for the sharing of our experiences with others. It also encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and try something new when others around us are cheering us on.