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Our Oregon Coast Tour has something for everyone!

From the aviation buff, to the nature lover and for those with a sense of adventure, our Oregon Coast Tour has something for everyone.

Crossing the border into Oregon on the coastal side of the state, our first stop will be in McMinnville, at the EvergreenAviationMuseum.  This museum is home to 50 historical aircraft including the famous Spruce Goose.  The Spruce Goose regarded today as an American icon was built by and piloted on its maiden and only flight by Howard Hughes in November 1947.  The Spruce Goose is the world’s largest wooden plane and has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in the world.

We stay on the OregonCoast for three nights in Newport’s Elizabeth Street Inn which provides a view of the Pacific from every room.  Our stay here provides time to get up close and personal with some of Oregon’s marine locals.   We take a cruise on the MV Discovery in YaquinaBay to view marine life.  Tour the 1873 Yaquina Head Light House, one of many along Oregon’s coastline and it is still a functioning lighthouse today. The stunning landscape surrounding the lighthouse is a natural habitat for a variety of marine creatures and an abundance of coastal birds.  The Oregon Coast Aquarium and its marine residents provide a unique backdrop for an evening meal.

Oregon’s Sea Lion Caves are a must when in the area. Formed 25 million years ago from basalt rock, they are the largest sea caves in the America’s. The caves are longer than a football field and as high as a 12 story building.  We descend 208 feet into the caves which are home to hundreds of Steller Sea Lions.

Dune Buggy touring is another not to be missed Oregon experience and we have included it on this tour.  These giant sand buggies provide the ultimate beach thrill ride and will be sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Heading inland we visit the WillametteValley and stay at Oregon Garden Resort known for its colourful gardens. The Oregon Trail was pivotal to the development of this area and we visit the Monteith House built in 1849 and the LarwoodCovered Bridge, one of many spanning the rivers of the Valley.

Travelling east along the Columbia River we enter the Columbia Gorge and take time to visit the beautiful Multnomah Falls.  There is nothing like seeing the sights from the water and a trip on the Columbia River aboard a sternwheeler with views of the cliffs and Bonneville Dam while hearing the history of the Bonneville slide and Bridge of the Gods is sure to be a highlight.

Leaving the Columbia River we head north and make a stop at full scale astronomically-aligned replica of England’s Stonehenge built by Sam Hill in 1918 as a World War I Memorial.   I have been through this area a dozen times and until I read some of our Oregon tour itineraries I did not know such a monument existed.  One of the reasons for travelling with Wells Gray Tours is that I know they research the areas they visit and include sites that I would otherwise drive by not knowing their location, history or geographical beauty.

Written by: Joan Niemeier

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