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Deck of cruise ship and setting or rising sun.

Set Sail for New Horizons

Cruising is a wonderful way to experience the transformative power of travel in an easy and comfortable way. From serene voyages to thrilling expeditions, there’s a cruise for every soul seeking new horizons. Here are a few cruising options for your next great adventure!

Ocean Cruises

Set sail on the open seas and stop in ports all over the world! Ocean cruises offer great value and a plethora of options in terms of destination, ship size, length of voyage, and budget preferences. Experience the elegant ships, onboard amenities, entertainment, cuisine, opportunities to learn and enrich your experience, and warm hospitality. Shore excursions are generally not included, but you may choose and book what you like. Whether you want to explore the beauty of Antarctica, Argentina and Chile; escape the Canadian winters to sunny Hawaii; or visit destinations closer to home, such as on our Vancouver to San Diego Cruise and Las Vegas tour or Boston to Québec City Cruise, you’re sure to find the perfect cruising adventure for you. 

Wells Gray Tour Director standing on deck of cruise ship looking at the stunning view in Antarctica
Tour Director Lisa enjoying the scenery in Antarctica while aboard Holland America’s Oosterdam.

River Cruises

Savour the beautiful views of scenic shorelines as you gracefully glide through the calm waters of storied rivers close to home and around the globe. Designed to navigate shallower waterways, slip through locks, and pass under bridges, river boats offer a unique and intimate cruising experience due to their smaller size and capacity, sometimes accommodating fewer than 100 people. Depending on the company, excursions are often included in the tour fare, and the accommodations, service, and cuisine are top notch. Whether you enjoy the beauty of the lakes, rivers, and locks of Canada’s historic Rideau Canal, a UNESCO world Heritage Site, or discover the natural wonders, structures, and cultures as you cruise along mighty Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam, you’re sure to delight in the experience. 

River cruise ship on the Mekong River
Cruise the storied Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam aboard the Emerald Harmony.

Luxury Yachts

Revel in the luxurious accommodation and superb service as you explore unique destinations. Luxury yachts, such as those with Emerald Cruises, offer exceptional service and inclusions so you have complete peace of mind as you travel. The ships are designed to navigate into smaller ports and harbours that larger cruise ships cannot reach so you have a more in-depth experience. Sit back and enjoy being pampered as you explore the tropical paradise of the Caribbean Sea aboard the Emerald Sakara on our Caribbean Cruise on a Luxury Yacht tour. Roland and Anne Neave, owners of Wells Gray Tours, travelled on the Emerald Sakara in the Caribbean in January 2024 and loved it! Click here to watch and learn more as Kerrie Niemeier, Director of Marketing and Sales for Wells Gray Tours, and special guest Roland Neave talk about the luxurious service, amenities, and unique innovations such as the spectacular Marina Platform and state-of-the-art infrared sauna that you can experience while sailing on this superb yacht.

Emerald Sakara luxury yacht in the Caribbean
Enjoy being pampered as you explore the Caribbean Sea aboard the Emerald Sakara.

We want you to explore, experience, and enjoy the world worry-free and on your own terms. With over 51 years in business and offices in Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and Victoria to personally serve our guests, our staff is dedicated to presenting travel experiences that are unique, stress-free, and fascinating in an affordable, reliable, and flexible manner. Give us a call at 1.800.667.9552 and to book and join us on one of our upcoming ocean, river, or luxury yacht cruises.

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Written by Miranda Schulz

Photo credits:

  • Photo of tour director Lisa aboard Holland America’s Oosterdam taken by a Wells Gray Tours client.
  • Photo of the Emerald Harmony from Emerald Cruises.
  • Photo of the Emerald Sakara taken by Roland Neave.