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Roland & Anne

Kamloops (Head Office) - President, Owner, CTP, Hon.Doc.

Our fearless leader, Roland, has been with Wells Gray Tours since day one! He spent his teenage years exploring Wells Gray Park and during University devoted his summers to arranging bus tours of the Park. After graduation, he expanded this service into a year-round business called, you guessed it, Wells Gray Tours! Since then, the company has grown to become British Columbia’s largest outbound tour operator offering trips worldwide, but Roland is still as involved in the day-to-day operations as he was back in 1972. He still leads our annual tours to Wells Gray Park personally and recently directed our four 50th Anniversary nostalgic tours to the Park. Roland has written 3 books including Exploring Wells Gray Park and the 7th edition will be published in 2023.

After receiving her Bachelor of Home Economics degree from UBC in 1970, Anne moved to Kamloops where she taught for 19 years. Roland and Anne met in the Kamloops Outdoor Club and married in 1987. Anne worked part-time in the office for many years and continues as a background advisor about many things tour-related. She is an active volunteer in Kamloops and is very busy with several societies. Anne and Roland have two adult children, Heather and Fraser.

In June 2022, Roland and Anne were thrilled to be awarded Honorary Doctorates by Thompson Rivers University in recognition of their dedication to protection of the natural environment, particularly in Wells Gray Park.

Favourite Travel Destination:
Roland’s favourite international destination is Iceland but his favourite place in Canada is still Wells Gray Park.

Anne’s favourite travel destinations are the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica – she loves the cold wild places!

Bucket List Travel Destinations:
Egypt, Victoria Falls, Patagonia, Tanzania, Spitsbergen