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There’s no question that there is something nostalgic that pulls on your heart strings when you think of making a trans-Atlantic voyage. In school we learn about Italian explorer, navigator and sailor Christopher Columbus, who on a Spanish Galleon in 1566 discovered the new world. Some of us may even have ancestors that arrived this same way. Those were the days when ocean crossings were long, treacherous and food was far from gourmet.

The arrival of the 19th century witnessed the introduction of steamships and suddenly, trans-Atlantic crossings were faster, safer and somewhat fashionable. Our Canadian ancestors who arrived during the years from 1928 to 1971, like my grandfather and grandmother, travelled to Canada this way and arrived at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was these early steamships that paved the way to the grand ocean liners that regularly make the trans-Atlantic crossing today. While the first steamships were all about making the crossing as quickly as possible, these new mega cruise liners are a floating resort and the time at sea is a time to relax and enjoy all the ship’s amenities.

Tips for taking a Trans-Atlantic Cruise:

  • Be preparedfor the days at sea: It will help you enjoy the number of consecutive sea days if you research the ship’s activities available on board and plan your time so you don’t miss those items you really want to do. Be sure to ask about the types of entertainment available on your particular departure.
  • Water, water all around: Being surround by water for a number of days can provide specular sunrises and sunsets. Choose to enjoy an early breakfast or a dinner hour close to these times and treat yourself to an unparalleled view of the sun rising up or dipping down into the ocean.
  • Packing: As you will be at sea for a number of days and temperatures on the water do fluctuate, pack a wardrobe that allows you to layer up. Sunscreen is another must have item as the you can be exposed to both the sun and the reflection off the water. Even if you are a seasoned cruiser, a remedy for sea sickness is a must have item when spending numerous days at sea. I have been told the new mega ships ride out any rough seas amazingly well.

If a trans-Atlantic cruise is on your bucket list, then Wells Gray tours has the perfect cruise for you on the Norwegian Epic. Leaving April 5th, 2018 from Orlando, Florida and travelling via Bermuda to Barcelona, Spain, you will enjoy nine relaxing days at sea plus six ports of call. The Norwegian Epic received a multi-million dollar refurbishment in fall 2015 and offers its passengers a wide variety of dining options, 21 venues to choose from.

Our cruise package includes;

  • Shore excursions: There is a shore excursion in every port plus a tour of the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral before boarding the Epic.
  • The Ultimate Beverage Package: Order your favourite drink such as wine, beer, cocktails, mixed drinks up to the maximum value per drink of $15. A gratuity is included, however, please note that specialty coffees such a lattes or cappuccinos or teas and bottled water are not part of this beverage package.
  • 5 Specialty Restaurants: Wells Gray Tours has taken care of the restaurant charge and gratuities for any of these specialty restaurant for a total of five diners; Cagney’s Steakhouse, Le Bistro (French), Moderno (Brazilian), La Cucina (Italian), Teppanyaki (Asian), or Wasabi Sushi.

We’ve done the planning and made taking your trans-Atlantic dream cruise easy, so we hope you will join us. See you on board.

Written by: Joan Niemeier