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Vancouver Foodie Tour

Savor Vancouver’s Culinary delights on our Vancouver Foodie Tour departing on June 10 for 4 days.

This tour will focus on the fun, trendy and the multicultural food experiences in Vancouver. In addition we have added in Canada Place’s new attraction – Fly Over Canada and a fun filled evening with Monty Python’s Spamlalot.

Tantalize your taste buds on the World’s Best Food Truck tour where gourmet hot dogs, chocolate and Chili cookies will have you drooling.  It is hip, trendy, and affordable to frequent food trucks today and you will discover why on this tour.

Food trucks, mobile kitchens and catering wagons have been around for decades.  Chuck wagons were the food truck of yesterday when in 1866 a Texas rancher was preparing for a cattle drive and needed to keep his cowboys well feed and nourished for the long drive.  Then as cities industrialized and shift work became the norm mobile food trucks, also known as “roach coaches,” were an easy, affordable and convenient way to feed factory and construction site workers.

As a child growing up my exposure to mobile food carts was usually limited to fairs, sporting events and carnivals where I could indulge in such delights as hamburgers, hotdogs and cotton candy.

Food trucks have come a long way since those days, catering to variety of niche culinary tastes. Specialty burgers, hot dogs, and falafel, vegetarian and ethnic foods are just some of today’s food truck choices.  The chefs are often experienced, creative and passionate about their cooking. Many have decided to leave the restaurant rat race and opt for a more casual, up close and personal experience with their consumers, while others just starting out like the affordability of lower startup costs, little overhead and staff and the ability to be their own boss and menu creator.

No food tour to Vancouver would be complete without a stop to Granville Island Market.  Every time I visit the market I love browsing the stalls of fresh fish, vegetables, flowers and handcrafted items.  I delight in finding something new every time.  It is here while on Granville Island that you can opt to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Grandville Island Brewery and taste three of their beers.

An expert Chinese Canadian food guide from edible Canada will join us for a walking tour through Chinatown’s street and hidden alleys where you will learn the history and secrets of pan-Asian foods. A Dim Sum traditional lunch at a local restaurant will be included in your China town experience.  In the afternoon you can enjoy free time or opt to sign up for the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour.

Jimmy Buffett’s song Cheeseburger in Paradise kept running through my head as I was writing this blog.  What is your favorite food song?

Written by: Joan Niemeier


Vancouver Foodie Tour
June 10, 2014 — 4 Days