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Which Tour Activity Level is Right for You?

Selecting a tour with the right level of activity is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an escorted group tour. There is nothing more disappointing than missing out on the planned activities on a tour because of your limitations, or worse yet, injuring yourself. We want you to select the right tour because your safety and comfort is always our number one priority. We never want to put any of our travellers in a situation where they could be injured.

Our Tour Activity Levels

Wells Gray Tours offers three levels of activity on our tours:

Activity Level 1
Light activity including short distances to walk and some steps.
Activity Level 2
Moderate activity including walking medium distances (up to 2 km), or shorter distances over uneven surfaces and steps.
Activity Level 3
High activity including walking longer distances (up to and occasionally exceeding 4km), which may be over uneven ground, along beaches/shorelines, or at higher elevations. Climbing in and out of zodiacs or small boats without any assistance. Walking on docks which may have steep ramps at low tide. Handling your own luggage for short distances.
* When booking Activity Level 3 tours, all customers must sign a statement stating they understand the challenging nature of the tour and are physically capable of participating.

Look for the hiker symbols

The symbols of one, two, or three hikers, shown above, appear on each tour brochure to indicate the activity level you can expect. This is just a general guideline, so we suggest reading the detailed description of the activity level which is also provided.

Things to consider when selecting a tour

Remember that even low-activity level trips are generally more active than your average day at home. Especially since we’ve all been surfing the couch and staying closer to home for almost two years. Be honest with yourself about your capabilities now. Maybe you used to be able to hike for hours, but is that still true today?

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing a tour:

  • How long are the days?
  • How much walking will there be each day?
  • Will there be extended periods of standing?
  • Are there any longer walks/hikes? What will the terrain/elevation be?
  • Will there be staircases to navigate (especially in hotels)?
  • Will you need to carry your own luggage?
  • Will you need to board/disembark boats or float planes?
  • Are there any docks or structures to navigate?
  • How long are the flights? Are there connections?
  • Will there be a time change?
  • What will the weather be like (rain or snow? extreme heat or cold?)
  • Are there any other activities? (swimming, kayaking, bike riding, small boat rides, camel rides, hot air balloons?)

Be prepared

Preparation can mean different things for different tours. In the same way you might want to brush up on your French before a visit to Paris, you might want to work on your fitness level before an active tour. If your upcoming trip will include a lot of walking or hiking, you might want to increase your step count a few weeks or months before your departure to make sure you’ll have the stamina for your adventure.

Bring the right gear

Choosing the right clothing and equipment can make a big difference. A good pair of walking or hiking shoes and trekking poles will greatly improve your ability to navigate longer hikes. Weather appropriate clothing (warm/waterproof gear for cold destinations or a wide brimmed hat and light clothing for hot destinations) will make outdoor adventures much more enjoyable. Prior to your tour, you’ll receive an ITI document (Important Tour Information) with a suggested packing list. Read it carefully and feel free to ask us if you have any questions about what to bring.

Bring a companion to assist you

One option we suggest for travellers who want to take an Activity Level 1 or Activity Level 2 tour but don’t think they are capable of participating in every activity alone is to bring a companion who can assist you with your mobility needs. This does not apply to Activity Level 3 tours where you must be able to participate without assistance.

If in doubt, ask us!

If you would like to join a tour but aren’t sure if it’s a good fit for you, call your local office to find out more about the specific activities. We recognize each person is unique in their abilities and we would love to help you to make a realistic decision about whether it would be a good fit for your individual situation.