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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

No, it is not a new tour but a new baby girl.

All the staff at Wells Gray Tours is anxiously awaiting the newest member of our Wells Gray family, a little sister for Charlie Dilling. Stephanie Dilling, General Manager for Wells Gray Tours has just left on maternity leave. She and her husband Shane are now waiting for the arrival of their new baby girl. Charlie, who will turn two in January is excited about having a new sister, but is even more excited about the up-coming Christmas season and having Mom at home for a while.

Charlie waiting

Stephanie, how about jumping over a snow bank and to get the little one moving? We are all excited to meet her! Watch our Facebook page for Stephanie’s announcement and pictures of the newest Dilling family member.

Wells Gray Tours is also proud to introduce our newest team member, Marnie Davis-Schaak. Marnie will be covering Stephanie’s maternity leave from now until April 2016 when she returns. Beginning in April, Marnie will move into a permanent position as our Sales and Reservations Manager. Marnie has lived in BC all her life and was born and raised in the Kootenays (Trail and Fruitvale) before moving to Kamloops. Marnie and her husband Jason have four children. Their son is 19, they have twin daughters age 17 and their youngest daughter is 15.

Marnie has a background in sales, and some may remember her from Gourmet Kettle Fudge & Popcorn, a store she and husband owned in Kamloops. They made over 150 flavours of fudge and 450 flavours of popcorn. Some of their more popular fudge flavours were Red Velvet, Maple and Peanut Butter. Their most popular popcorn flavours were Cheddar Jalapeno, Cookies & Cream and Caramel Apple. Yum!

Marnie is an avid reader, loves a good joke and cherishes time with family, friends and her four teenagers.

Welcome Marnie!