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Terms and Conditions


ACCOMMODATIONS: The hotels named in the tour descriptions are confirmed at the time the brochure is printed. It is very unusual for changes to occur, but clients will be notified whenever possible.
Hotel Lists: Your ticket package contains a hotel list, which gives the hotel name, address and phone number. You can leave this list with family/friends so you can be contacted while on your tour.
Special rooming requests: If you wish to have a ground floor room where there is no elevator, a lower floor room in a high-rise hotel, or a room adjacent to another traveller, please make this request at the time you book your tour. Although we make every effort to confirm your request by
passing the information onto the hotels, it cannot be guaranteed. Please note that special requests cannot be accepted within two weeks of departure. Also note that many hotels are entirely non-smoking.
Class of Room: Our choice of accommodation is in the deluxe to first class range rather than the moderate to economy range. We try to strike a happy medium by maintaining a high standard of hotels while keeping a close
eye on costs. Virtually all hotels we use are approved by the National Tour Association or the Canadian or American Automobile Association which have rigorous guidelines for membership. AAA rating is usually ♦♦♦ or better.

ROOM PARTNERS: Our reservation system tracks partner requests, and you can add your name to our partner request list or we can provide you with the name and phone number of a possible partner. Together you can
decide if you are compatible and would like to travel together.

SINGLES: Some hotels limit the number of single rooms assigned to each group, so people travelling alone should make reservations early. On a full tour, singles are requested to sit with other singles on the coach, so that
travelling companions can sit together.

DEPARTURE TIMES: We suggest that you arrive at your departure point no later than 15 minutes prior to the time shown on your ticket. The first day of a tour usually has many stops for client pick up.

SEAT ROTATION: This is mandatory on all tours, and your tour director will describe the pattern and the frequency of the moves. For fairness to other clients, exceptions will not be made.

BOARDING PASS: Your ticket package contains a boarding pass which we request you fill out and give to the tour director upon departure. This contains essential information that the tour director would require in case of an emergency. Note that these are shredded upon tour return to protect your privacy.

SMOKING POLICY: All motorcoaches are non-smoking, but rest stops are frequent. Please be considerate of those clients who may have allergies to smoke.

DIETARY NEEDS: On tours with included meals, please advise us of your special needs at time of booking so that we can notify our suppliers. We can advise scheduled times for meals about one month before departure.

ITINERARY NOTES: Some tours have choices for attractions or accommodation, and sometimes there are attractions that are an additional cost and listed as optional. Please choose these options when you book your tour as some are limited in space. If you wish to leave the tour at any time to visit friends and family, you are certainly welcome to do so. Please ensure that the tour director is informed and note that Wells Gray Tours will not make a refund for any missed or unused portions of the tour package.

SPECIAL NEEDS: If you require ongoing assistance in any way, you must be accompanied by a travelling companion who will be fully responsible for your needs while on tour. Your tour director cannot provide ongoing
assistance. Some tours may not be suitable due to the level of activity, so please discuss your needs with us when you book your tour. Please note we are unable to accommodate scooters on our tours.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Insurance is not included in tour fares, but it is available for purchase. We strongly recommend purchasing insurance to protect the non-refundable portion of your fare and to provide coverage for
unexpected events. Our policies are underwritten by AIG Insurance Company of Canada. Policy must be purchased no later than time of final payment. Policies purchased at deposit include a waiver of the pre-existing condition clause as relates to cancellation, upgrade or trip interruption. Detailed brochure is available. Premiums are always subject to change until paid as insurance companies can change premiums without notice.

Travel Guard Policy

GRATUITIES: Gratuities are at your discretion however they are a significant portion of income for these professionals.
Please use local currency. The following are guidelines:
>Tour director and coach driver: $3-5 per person per day to each tour director and driver. Please do not start a group collection. The most discreet method is to place the tip in an envelope and on the final day either hand it to the tour director or driver or leave it on her/his seat.
>Local guides: $2-3 per person for every 3 hours of service. Included when Wells Gray Tours hires a local guide.
>Meals: In Canada and the USA, 15-20% of the pre-tax bill; Note: For included meals, gratuities have been included.
>Housekeeping staff: $2 per person per night local currency.
>Luggage handling: $2 per bag. Note: Tip for one piece of luggage at hotel is usually included.
>Transfer driver with luggage handling: $2 -3 per person.
>Cruises: Usually included.
>Small Boats and Trains: $5-$10 per day, if not included.

LUGGAGE: The limit per person is one large suitcase, weighing no more than 50 lbs., and a small carry-on bag. A luggage tag is included in your ticket package. The Wells Gray tag is essential for the efficient handling of bags at hotels. Please attach the completed tag to your suitcase before arriving at your departure point. Tour Directors are not responsible for untagged luggage. Airlines charge a fee for checked luggage on Canada and USA flights. This is included in your tour fare if the airline allows Wells Gray to prepay this fee, but if payment is made at the airport, you must pay this directly to the airline at check-in.

LOST ITEMS: Clients disembarking at the end of a tour are urged to check that they have all personal belongings with them. Lost items are usually held in Kamloops.

CURRENCY: Your credit card is a convenient way to pay for many meals and purchases. ATMs are easily accessible in Canada and the US, but may be difficult to find in other countries. You should also carry some cash with you in the currency of that country for gratuities and in case credit cards cannot be used.

COMMENT SHEETS: We always strive to improve, and comments from our customers are very important. Your tour director will hand out a comment sheet during the tour (with a confidential envelope if desired), so you can tell us what you think. In order to maintain a high standard of service, Wells Gray management reads every client’s comments and discusses problems and praises with hotels, the motorcoach company, other suppliers, and our staff.


TOUR PACKAGE: Your tour price includes all items listed in the “Includes” box on the tour brochure. GST on applicable tours is extra. Included meals are shown on the daily itinerary as: B, Brunch, L, Tea, D.

DEPOSITS: A deposit is required within three days of booking and is outlined on each tour brochure. If a deposit or balance becomes overdue and we cannot contact you, your reservation will be cancelled.

CANCELLATIONS: The cancellation policy for each tour is described in detail on the tour brochure. If you cancel after the final payment date, without paying in full, you forfeit the full deposit paid.

PAYMENTS: If your cheque payment returns as ‘nonsufficient funds’, Wells Gray Tours must charge you a $25 NSF fee.

CONSUMER PROTECTION: In British Columbia, Consumer Protection BC requires that any business or organization that collects advance deposits from people for future travel must be registered with the government and must hold those deposits in trust. This protects consumer deposits in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. Wells Gray Tours Ltd. is also a member in good standing of the National Tour Association, which requires its members to carry at least $1 million in professional liability, errors and omission insurance.

BORDER CROSSING: For any travel outside of Canada, a valid passport is required. Passport numbers and expiry dates are required in advance for many tours, and this information will be collected at final payment. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they have valid documentation for all border crossings. Clients without valid documents may be detained by Customs Officers and therefore miss their tour. Wells Gray Tours Ltd. cannot assume responsibility for portions of a tour missed due to improper documentation.

LOST ITEMS: Wells Gray Tours cannot take responsibility for any items lost on tour.

ROOM PARTNERS: Wells Gray Tours cannot assume responsibility for added costs due to disagreements encountered while travelling or for cancellations by one person of a double or twin accommodation room prior to departure.

LUGGAGE: Luggage insurance is not included in your fare. Please note that neither Wells Gray Tours nor the motorcoach company can assume responsibility for lost or damaged luggage or its contents.

ITINERARY: If you are unable to participate in all aspects of the itinerary, Wells Gray Tours will not issue a refund or provide a fare reduction for any missed or unused portions of the tour package.

CHANGES TO FARES: Due to the uncertainties of inflation, fuel surcharges and foreign exchange, Wells Gray Tours reserves the right to modify tour fares in the unlikely event of cost changes.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Wells Gray Tours and its designated tour director reserve the right to take photographs or videos during the operation of any tour or part thereof and to use the resulting photography, or videos for promotion on Facebook, the Wells Gray Tours website or for other commercial uses. By making a reservation with Wells Gray Tours, the participant agrees to allow his/her likeness to be used by Wells Gray Tours without compensation to the
participant. If the participant prefers that his/her likeness not be used, please notify us in writing at final payment, or give a note to the tour director on the first day.

Neither Wells Gray Tours Ltd., nor any of its agents or representatives shall be held liable or responsible directly or indirectly for any delay, injury, loss or damage to any person or property, occasioned by the neglect or default of any person or company providing transportation, accommodation or any other services in connection with these tours, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from act of God, sickness, strike, quarantine, weather, government restraints, machinery breakdown, or any other cause beyond our control. Wells Gray Tours Ltd. acts as an agent for its suppliers, including but not limited to companies providing transportation, accommodation, and other services rendered. The right is reserved to withdraw all or part of any tour should conditions warrant and make such alterations in the itinerary as may be found necessary for the convenience and proper operation of any tour, without penalty.

Information collected by Wells Gray Tours for purposes of the tour or marketing or to assist attending personnel in the event of an emergency is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.