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Photo: McKenna, Judy & Adwen

“I love to travel with Wells Gray Tours as they take care of everything, and all I have to do is pack. I recently took my granddaughters on a tour with me and we all had such a wonderful time! It was so nice not doing all the planning and being able to spend quality time together. We all loved Fly Over Canada & Cirque Du Soleil. Such wonderful memories, and now they want to come on every tour with me!” Judy Yeomans
“I had so much fun travelling with my Granny. I loved the hotels in Vancouver and Victoria and the really nice breakfast’s”.  McKenna Fraser
“I can’t wait to go on another tour. Spending quality time with my Granny was so special.” Adwen Fraser

Thank You Wells Gray Tours!

Wells Gray Tours does a great job of keeping travellers happy. I have now gone on over 25 tours with the company and have never been disappointed. One of my favorite tours was to Colorado, where we rode 6 different historic old railroads in the mountains. Another has to be visiting Haida Gwaii. The show tours are also great fun-one of the best was to Leavenworth to see 3 different musicals, all presented on the ski hill on consecutive nights. And of course, Christmas in Victoria – what a beautiful way to spend Christmas if you have no family to share it with. Of course I have to mention the Four Rivers of Europe, the 2019 President’s Cruise. Having Wells Gray’s founder Roland Neave and his family along was a special treat. Some of my favorite memories are of the people I have met, and the caring tour directors that accompany us on every trip. I am now looking forward to visiting Newfoundland, and the Sable Island.
Thank you Wells Gray Tours, Darlene and Lynne in the Vernon office! Harriet Foltinek

I love travelling with Wells Gray Tours!

They make everything so easy. All I do is book a tour, pack a suitcase,  walk 2 blocks to the pickup point, enjoy a wonderful trip and then walk back the 2 blocks home. They do everything else and have wonderful tour guides to look after us. I have made 62 tours (555 days) and seen the world with them, literally, two trips took me right around the world! They have all been fabulous, such as Tanzania, the Antarctic, Iceland, the Siberian Railway, Australia, and European River tours. My next exciting one is Japan. A highlight on one tour was being presented with my diamond pin and I also received the 7 continent trophy last year. I have travelled by myself most of the time and always find another person or two to connect up with for company and then meet them on another trip. I have met quite a few friends that way. I am also the proud recipient of the most travelled award for 2 years and this past year came runner-up. I recommend Wells Gray Tours to anyone who even mentions travelling, they could not do better. Mary Lou Gardiner

Scholarship Recipients

Thank you to Wells Gray Tours for your generous scholarship. Your support to my education and to many other students you have helped and will help is highly appreciated.


More than the money, though, is the fact that the support & recognition that comes with this award gives my confidence a gigantic boost as I begin my search for a permanent position in the tourism industry after I graduate.


Industry Partners

We have been working with Wells Gray Tours for the past 23 years. Your tour guides and clients are a pleasure for our guides, and your staff in the office are our favorites! When we plan a tour for you, they rarely cancel and you always make your payments on time. I just wish there were more tour operators like you to work with!

Julie Saucier, Group Coordinator

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