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Activity Levels

Wells Gray Tours offers three levels of activity on our tours.

The symbol of one, two, or three mountainsĀ appears on each tour brochure to indicate the activity level you can expect. A written description is also provided. In addition, on Activity Level 3 tours, every customer must sign a statement that he/she understands that the tour has lots of activity and is capable of handling it. Tours with Activity Level 1 or 2 have the following statement on the brochure:

If you are not able to participate in Activity Level 1 or 2, Wells Gray Tours recommends that you bring a companion to assist you. The tour director and driver have many responsibilities, so please do not expect them, or your fellow travellers, to provide ongoing assistance.

Light activity including short distances to walk and some steps.
Moderate activity including walking medium distances (up to 2 km), or shorter distances over uneven surfaces and steps.
High activity you must be able to walk longer distances (up to and occasionally exceeding 4km), which may be over uneven ground, beaches/shorelines, or at higher elevations; climb in and out of zodiacs or small boats without any assistance; walk on docks which may have steep ramps at low tide; and handle your own luggage for short distances. Prior to accepting your booking, you will be required to sign a declaration that you are capable of travelling on an Activity Level 3 tour.This tour is not appropriate for people with canes or walkers.