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Pledge a Pencil – Sharpen a Future

Pledge a Pencil – Sharpen a Future Donations arrive at Lake Natron School in the village
of Engaruka, Tanzania!

School supplies and soccer balls have arrived in Tanzania! A HUGE Thank you to Kerrie Niemeier, Andy Crowe and their travel partner Tanzania Journeys for delivering the supplies. The 600 children and teachers at Lake Natron school were very surprised and overjoyed. Kerrie, Andy and Wells Gray Tours want to thank everyone who donated to this project.

During Kerrie’s trip in November 2015, she visited the Lake Natron School in the village of Engaruka. Upon giving a young girl a pen from her own backpack, she was rewarded with a warm and tearful hug. It was this interaction that prompted her to take action and launch, Pledge A Pencil – Sharpen A Future.
Kerrie was brought to tears when she heard about the reaction from the teachers and students. Little things like school supplies that we take for granted are valuable resources in this community. The students didn’t have enough basic supplies like pencils or paper to help with their learning. To have a pencil of your own was just not possible for the majority prior to these supplies arriving. Education is the key for them to better their lives.

“Leaving behind a positive impact in the places we go is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel”. says Kerrie. Kerrie’s husband Andy noticed how much the children enjoyed soccer but that they were playing with sticks and banana leaves they had fashioned into balls. Andy then set out to collect soccer balls for the school and sent 35 soccer balls! The children were over the moon with excitement! THANK YOU!

If you are booked on Tanzania in November and would like to take supplies with you please contact Kerrie at