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Travel Tips … with Wells Gray Tours

Travel Tips … with Wells Gray Tours

Packing Tips

Getting ready for a trip is exciting but packing your suitcase can be a challenge. Forget an essential item and you’re left scrambling to find the nearest store in your destination. Leaving behind prescription drugs can create a nightmare and delays in your itinerary while you search for a way to access prescriptions or refills.

  • When planning, start well in advance to find out what or if any shots or medications are recommended for the areas you will be visiting. This is important to do early as some vaccines require a booster a few months after the initial injection.
  • Make a list of essential items: passport if required (make sure the expiry date is more than 6 months after your return); visas if  necessary (and what you need to do ahead of time and what is required at time of entry; many visas require a fee at the time of entry often in US dollars ); prescriptions which are important to have in your carry on and in necessary amounts to last the entire trip.
  • Baggage Policies and weight: Find out the baggage policy for airlines or other methods of travel prior to packing.

Remember that at some point you are going to have to haul around this luggage. With Wells Gray Tours, we provide luggage handling throughout the tour once we pick you up, but you still have to get there and you must personally handle your own luggage through customs in airports and cruise ship terminals. Make sure that your luggage and carry-ons are manageable.Figuring out the airlines’ baggage-fee policies for weight, number of bags, and carry-ons is key to an easy check in. It is not fun rearranging luggage in front of the check-in counter.

Fees for overweight baggage or extra bags vary from airline to airline and the unexpected expense can take a big chunk out of your travel budget.

When traveling on a small ship or sailing vessel, make sure to check out their baggage policies.  Many require only soft sided luggage and restrict you to one bag.

  • Creating a packing list is a fail-safe way to ensure that you never, ever forget to bring something important. Is it necessary – If you couldn’t stand to lose it, don’t bring it! And if you must have it, put it in your carry-on bag. This includes medication, identification, jewelry, cameras and electronics. Reconsider if you really need it – can you get by with the hotel conditioner? Do you need six pairs of shoes (for women the answer is often yes!)
  • Start your packing process several days or even a week ahead of your departure date; this gives you time to purchase any additional items you might need for your vacation.
  • Wear layers and pack in layers. Your on-the-road wardrobe should feature plenty of layers, which will help you move through multiple climates in style and comfort. Rolling clothing instead of folding can save you space and wrinkles. It is also advisable to select coordinated items that can be easily washed and dried and versatile clothing that is multi-purpose, such as long pants that zip off and become shorts.
  • Leave some room – Almost everyone brings home souvenirs and purchases from their travels, so leave room to pack these on the way home. And for some reason, dirty clothes are heavier than clean clothes, so allow some room for growth on the return!

 As the famous trio, Peter, Paul & Mary sang in the song Leaving On A Jet Plane, “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go”.  

You too are ready to go and travel the world with Wells Gray Tours.

Written by : Joan Niemeier