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Must See Performances!

Must See Performances!

Wells Gray Tours loves taking you to the theatre. Every year we look for plays and musicals that are not far from home, in Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle and Spokane and then design itineraries that provide you with the magic of live theatre and a relaxed getaway. Like books and movies, live theatre performance allows us to escape for a moment and get caught up in the story. It allows the audience to share real time with the actors on stage. Live theatre provides a more intimate relationship with the actor as they relate moments of joy, laughter, or sadness through words, song and dance.

Theatre tours afford an opportunity to get away with friends, celebrate a birthday or anniversary with that someone special in your life.

This summer, we have an extraordinary line up of theatre productions for you to choose from:

Motown & Paint Your Wagon in Seattle:

Motown tells the story of Barry Gordy, the man behind the Motown recording label that changed the lives of vocal artists such as Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye to name a few. You will recognize many of the songs in this Tony Award winning musical.

In contrast to the jukebox music of the 60’s, Paint Your Wagon takes us back to 1849 and the California Gold Rush. This delightful story that centers around a miner and his daughter conveys through music, the lives and challenges of life in a mining camp. First released on Broadway in 1951, songs like “Wander rin’ Star” and “They call the Wind Maria” are still popular today.


Itinerary from BC Interior

Billy Elliot & Newsies in Vancouver

Captivating audiences since 2005, Billy Elliot is the story about a young English boy who trades his boxing gloves for ballet shoes. Through beautifully choreographed dance numbers and music, we learn about the mining strike in the  UK and of Billy’s personal struggles to pursue his dream.

Newsies The Musical is a 2011 Disney production based on the 1992 film Newsies. The inspiration behind the film and the musical was the real-life story of the Newsboys’ Strike of 1899 in New York City.

Watch Billy Elliot
Watch Newsies


Itinerary from BC Interior

Summer Theatre In Alberta – Legends of Rock ‘n Roll, Tent Meeting and The Badlands Passion Play

Arriving in Calgary we will enjoy the production, Legends of Rock ’n Roll. This fun evening brings to the stage the works of the rock and roll greats Buddy Holly, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley.

In the Rosebud Theatre the play Tent Meeting tells the story of a travelling Gospel quartet and how through music they help restore es­tranged friendships and a failing marriage in difficult times.

In Drumheller, we will attend the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. The Passion Play brings to life “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, the dramatic portrayal of the life, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Itinerary from BC Interior

Leavenworth Summer Theatre – The Sound of Music and Singin’ in the Rain

The Sound of Music, the story of the von Trapp family during World War II resonates in the hearts of all who see it. Even if you have seen the movie or the play before, the natural setting in an outdoor amphitheater while enjoying the music under the stars is sure to create a magical moment.

Singin’ in the Rain, set in the 1920’s, combines charm, romance, comedy and wonderful music as we witness the romantic interlude between the lead characters Don & Kathy.

Itinerary from BC Interior

That’s the lineup for this spring and summer. No matter which theatre tour you choose, you will enjoy and value the hard work and dedication of the actors, directors and set designers that create the allure of live theatre.

Remember to book early as these performances tend to sell out quickly.

Written by: Joan Niemeier