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Why should a Panama Canal Cruise be on your Travel Bucket List?

Cruising the Panama Canal is on most cruise-lovers’ bucket lists. And for good reason!  As one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th century, it’s something every traveller should experience at least once. Before joining Wells Gray Tours, I worked for an international consulting company that was the Program Manager for the most recent…
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Who is Anna Leonowens?

Musical theatre has long been a favorite of mine, and The King & I, is among my favorites. I guess my love for musicals was a result of my mother’s love for them and growing up listening to the music of Gershwin, Berlin, Rogers and Hammerstein. While taking three children to live theatre was not…
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India Safari – Major Cities, Jeep Safaris and the Taj Mahal

If you are like me, whenever you thought of taking a safari, the African continent was always the first area that came to mind. India, however offers equally exciting opportunities to view wildlife, iconic monuments, bustling cities and tasty culinary delights. India, whose name comes from the Indus River, one of India’s longest rivers, travelling…
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