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When nature’s calling you there’s no better place than Super Natural BC!

The tagline, Super Natural BC , has been used to describe BC for over 30 years, and for those of us who live, work, play and travel in BC we know it remains as relevant today as it did when it was launched all those years ago.

Bella Coola and TweedsmuirPark are just two of areas that bring to life the magic and mystery of the Super Natural brand.

Last year I had the privilege of travelling with Wells Gray Tours on their tour to this area and as I reflect on the trip a year later I still remember it as one of the most beautiful and exciting trips I have ever taken.

The trip this year will be different with the elimination of the costal ferry portion but the highlights for me, the Bella Coola and TweedsmuirPark areas are unchanged.  The interesting history, specular scenery and floatplane trip to HunlenFalls and TunerLake were beyond my expectations.

Hunlen Falls


Travelling on the ‘Freedom Highway’ from Bella Coola to AnahimLake is breath taking and the history is one of community spirit and determination. The project was rejected by the government but the locals with $250, dynamite and backbreaking work proved it could be done. Completed in 1953 is it still the steepest highway in Canada with an 18% grade and a drive up or down this road is one you will surely remember.

The Bella Coola Valley is fronted by an ocean inlet, well known for fishing, surround by steep mountains, cascading waterfalls and abundant with wildlife. The area often referred to as the Great Bear Rainforest and is home to the grizzly and black bear.  Bella Coola is the community located right on the inlet and other communities such as the Hagensborg located further up the valley was settled in1894 by Norwegian immigrants from Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The distinctive architecture of these early settlers is still visible today.  A highlight of your Bella Coola Valley experience will be spending time with local guide, Rene Morton, a life time resident of the valley.

Local traffic


Atnarko River, Bella Coola Valley


A highlight of your tour will be a cruise to Mackenzie’s Rock where the explorer painted his name 221 years ago and ended his westward journey across the continent.  

Once you leave the valley and head up the ‘Freedom Road’ to the Chilcotin, the scenery changes drastically from steep rugged mountain terrain to grass land plans. This is cattle county and we found ourselves right in the middle of a cattle drive and unexpected event so be sure to always keep your camera ready.  

Cattle Drive in the Chilcotin


This years tour will stay at the beautiful Stewart’s Lodge on NimpoLake just as we did last year and have the opportunity to fly over the TweedsmuirPark taking in such sights at the colourful RainbowRange, Monarch Icefields and land on TurnerLake.  While you will fly over HunlenFalls, if you are up for a hike to HunlenFalls I would highly recommend it and circling around to the lookout above LonesomeLake. 

Nimpo Lake


Stewart’s Lodge on Nimpo Lake


Rainbow Ridge


Monarch Icefields


Lonesome Lake


Abandon on Bella Coola Inlet


Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and I know anyone who makes the journey will not be disappointed.

Written by: Joan Niemeier

Tweedsmuir Park & Bella Coola
July 22, 2014 — 8 Days