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Introducing Tour 30: A Safer, More Intimate Way to Travel This Fall

Small group tours allow for special experiences like this float plane tour in Haida Gwaii

Despite the current freeze on travel, we are continuing to plan future tours for later in 2020 and beyond. We are pleased to announce that in light of Covid-19 concerns, our tours this fall will be limited to 30 travellers or less. Our goal is to provide more personal space and a safer experience for all travellers. Look for the Tour 30 logo to identify these tours.

While the health and safety of our customers, staff, and local suppliers is always our number one priority, we have been considering offering a wider range of small group tours for some time. Small group travel is a major trend in the industry with many of our clients looking for more intimate, authentic travel experiences. We have offered Tour25 small group tours on select departures for over seven years now and we’re excited to be able to provide this more intimate experience to more of our guests.

Here are some of the benefits of joining a small group tour, beyond the health and safety benefits:

Access Off-the-Beaten-Path Locations and Unique Experiences
Travelling with a small group allows you to access locations and experiences that are not feasible for a large group. In many destinations this allows you to interact on a deeper level with local people—perhaps taking a cooking lesson in a local family’s home or visiting a local school. We have found this allows our customers to immerse themselves in the destination and enjoy a real taste of what life is like for locals, away from the crowds of other tourists.

Visiting with a traditional doctor in Tanzania

More Accommodation and Dining Options
Planning a tour with less guests provides the flexibility to stay in a wider range of accommodation. This means fewer large chain hotels far from the sights and more unique boutique hotels in the heart of the action. The same applies to restaurants—you’ll get authentic local cuisine instead of cookie-cutter buffets.

A picnic lunch enjoyed around the fire in Haida Gwaii

Get to Know Your Fellow Travellers
The social atmosphere of a small group tour is a huge advantage for all travellers, and especially singles. It’s unlikely you’ll form deep connections with an entire busload of other people, but when you travel with a small group of likeminded people, you really get to know each other and create lasting friendships.

Getting muddy in Costa Rica

More Personal Attention from Guides
Tour guides can often make the difference between an OK tour and a fantastic tour. With fewer travellers in your group, you’ll get more personal attention from your tour director and the local guides. This means your tour director will get to know you and your preferences, and you’ll be able to ask more questions at attractions along the way.

Getting ready to view some polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba

More Sustainable Travel
By travelling with a group, you are already creating a lower environmental impact, but travelling in a small group also reduces the strain on local resources and creates more direct economic benefits in the regions that you visit. By supporting locally-owned hotels, restaurants, and experiences, more capital from each trip filters back to local economies rather than large corporations.

An amazing viewpoint on a horseback ride in Costa Rica

We hope to continue to provide the highest quality travel experience for our customers and are committed to focusing on safety once we’re able to explore the world again. We can’t wait to welcome you back on one of these Tour 30 departures!

Here are a few of the small group Tour 30 tours scheduled for this fall.  
For full itineraries of any of these tours, see the regional tour page for your departure location.

Waterton Lakes & Cypress Hills – September 12-19
San Juan Islands and North Cascades – September 21-25
Circle Lake Superior – September 30-Oct 14
Viva Las Vegas – October 1-5
Kootenays Ghost Towns – October 4-8
Thanksgiving at Tsa-kwa-luten – October 8-11
Thanksgiving on the Island – October 9-14
Thanksgiving on Oregon Coast – October 10-17
Jasper Park Lodge Seniors Fall Getaway – October 12-16
New Orleans & Cajun Country – October 12-21
Branson – October 20-29
Storm Watching at Wickaninnish Inn – November 16-21
Leavenworth Christmas Lighting – November 29-Dec 2

Tour 25 tours scheduled for this fall.  

Mexico’s Copper Canyon – October 23-Nov 5

Egypt & Jordan – November 13-Dec 2