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Break the chill of winter on a hot springs tour.


Are you huddled in doors or getting cabin fever and wishing for a break? What about taking a tour to one of BC’s favourite hot springs? The best part about it is you do not need to go far to enjoy getting toasty warm while soaking in the mineral rich soothing waters of a hot spring.

While many of today’s spa treatments are new, it is still fashionable to relax and rejuvenate by soaking away in hot mineral waters just as the Romans discovered and began doing centuries ago.

Here are some reasons we suggest you try this old yet trendy ritual:

• Social environment: Hot springs are not only an excellent place for relaxation, but a great place for conversation and making new friends with your fellow travellers.

• Therapeutic benefits: It is well known that soaking in hot springs is a stress reliever, it relaxes tired muscles, and often aids in pain relief.

• Authentic experience: Every hot springs is uniquely different, right from the mineral properties of the waters to the ambiance of the surroundings.

• Accessibility: Here in BC we have a number of excellent hot springs that are close to major highways, with on-site accommodations and that offer a variety of activities depending on the season.

We have two hot spring tours going out in February and no matter which you choose, the warm waters will soothe tired muscles and soak away your everyday stresses.

Kootenays Hot Spring Tour: Three hot springs, Fairmont, Radium and Ainsworth are included on this delightful tour. This is a fabulous time of year to visit these hot springs as they are all surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and with the steam from the hot pools a magical winter wonderland is created.

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Harrison Hot Springs Tours: Located on the shores of Harrison Lake and under two hours from Vancouver, travellers have been visiting these hot springs since 1886. In addition to the 5 indoor and outdoor pools to choose from, the elegant Copper Room has exceptional cuisine and provides dancing and entertainment. A great end to any day!



Written by Joan Niemeier

Kootenays Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs Retreat