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Who wouldn’t want to see New York?

Before I went to NYC, I was guilty of not realizing just how amazing such an enormous concrete, steel and glass jungle could be.  Did you know that the ‘ canyons’ created by the corridors of massive skyscrapers creates its own weather?

There are so many fascinating things about N.Y.C. it’s hard to know where to start.  The drive in from La Guardia International at night and you see the lights of Manhattan is amazing and it is just the first time the “Big Apple” will take your breath away.

The #1 reason people want to go there in the first place is for the ” energy “. And after having been there twice now, I must admit the energy is captivating. There is no mistaking the ‘ busyness ‘ of the streets, subways, and public transit, it’s all part of the allure. People watching is also part of the city experience.

I think I know the reason why Central Park is so special. It is an oasis of lush, green space, right in the heart of Manhattan that provides busy New Yorkers and travellers alike with beauty, peace and tranquility in the heart of this bustling city.

The part of our tour to New York that I really feel gives you the maximum amount of visual stimulation, information and history is the two days of riding the double decker, hop on, hop off sight-seeing tour bus. This allows you get to take in all the sounds, smells and landmarks at your own pace.

Another outstanding activity of our exclusive package is the Manhattan Island Cruise. You will feel up close and personal with amazing site lines of the Statue of Liberty, the Jersey Shore, and the entire city scape.

No New York tour would be complete without a visit to a Broadway play and to the infamous Radio City Music Hall to watch the Rockettes perform. We have even included a back stage tour and a meeting with one of the Rockettes!

This year, our group will take in an added bonus with a subway ride to Battery Park followed by a ferry boat ride on the world renown, Staten Island ferry. Add it all up and we’ve got you covered!

Hope to see you soon, on one of our wonderful Wells Gray Tours.

And remember ” to live is to travel “.

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Written by: Brian Husband